What stop people from skipping the video ads? - Dynamic Host

Below are the few points which one should keep in mind while shooting or conceptualising
videos to avoid the chances of getting skipped:

Making it Personal

Online video is a medium through which brands easily connect with viewers on a large scale.
You can also say that it is the easiest platform for the brands and the viewers to interact. This
interaction is done on a personalize scale by connecting people through ads. Brands usually
interact with viewers online by serving ads next to the content they value most.

Brands make sure that their ads are relevant to the topics that can attract the viewers the most because if the topics are not relevant enough then they are skipped by the viewers. So, to catch hold the site it has to be on relevant topic with meaningful content.

Full Speed Storytelling

The most important part of online videos is to grab the attention of the viewers because the
viewers always has an option to skip the ads if they find it irrelevant. So, in order to grab their
attention few points are needed to kept in mind and they are as following:

  1. To make use of relevant topic of viewer choice & interest
  2. Work on the way of storytelling.
  3. Make use of filming techniques that might help the viewers to stick longer.
  4. Integration of celebrities

The above points can help in building the connection with the viewers. There are no restricted
criteria for making an ad. It can be happy, sad or realistic depending on the content of it. In a
Survey, it has been observed that an ad always has 30 seconds to grab the attention of the
viewers. So it should be filmed in such a way that it should not only grab the attention but
rather make them connect with the content of it.

Content that feels real

While making ads one should always focus on the content because it is the one which mostly
gain the attention of the viewers & make them connect with the incidences that might had
happen with them in the past & give them a personalize feeling.

Thus, to make an ad successful; content has to be on such topic which viewers want to hear &
talk about. The topics can be on social problem, general awareness, humors, brand
endorsement, product reviews, prevailing problems with solution, or on our day to day life
which deals with unexpected incidences and there are many such topics on which if videos are made, people may find it connected to and for better results one must research on it first.

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