The Power of Customer Marketing - Dynamic Host

You know your customers.

But are you using that information everywhere that matters?

Customer Match helps you strengthen connections with your known customer base and forge new relationships across three of the web’s most powerful platforms: YouTube, Gmail & Search.

Now, it’s easier to realize the full value of your customer data in AdWords

How Customer Match works

  • Upload first-party data in AdWords as an audience list

  • AdWords matches your email addresses to Google accounts

  • You target or exclude your new audience list across devices and channels

  • AdWords generates ‘Similar Audience’ lists from original email lists (when eligible)

Reach consumers across channels and devices

Harness the power of customer data to meet your marketing objectives

  • Generate awareness with customers that may be interested in your brand or product

  • Use what you know about your customers to influence consideration of your products through tailored messaging in your marketing campaigns

  • Drive purchases by connecting with your customers when they show intent to buy

  • Leverage your CRM data to drive repeat purchase and increase loyalty among your customer base

Customize strategy based on marketing objectives

Part of a complete audience strategy

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